Wahid Jamal Ramart

Wahid Jamal Ramart Director, Producer of Vescan Films

Amin is Trauma Nurse by profession and a filmmaker at heart.

A Ghanaian born New York-based hustler and emerging filmmaker has set his eyes on
changing the Ghanaian film landscape. A talented writer in his own right, working on his directorial debut with his first feature film (THE AGENCY), which he wrote and executive
produce. Amin is a self made independent filmmaker (Writer, Director, DP, Editor, Cinematographer, Camera operator and Producer).

He is a student and Mentee of Shane Hurlburt of Hurlbut Academy. The best mentoring program for cinematographers. He’s studied the work of independent filmmakers like Mira Nair, Spike
Lee, Jordan Peele and some of my inspirations are drawn from black directors like Antoine Fuqua, Tyler Perry.