Richard O. Agyeman

Richard O. Agyeman Creative Director / Visual Development Artist

Richard has worked as an illustrator, storyboard and visual development artist for 9 years. He directed and animated A Piece for Peace. He is the creator of ‘City living no be easy’: Accra, published in the online version of The Guardian.

Richard is part of a group of Young African Media Professionals partnering with Canada – IFC’s Benefit Sharing in Natural Resources program. The program aims to improve
the economic and social wellbeing of communities hosting infrastructure and natural resource projects, including by engaging young people through new media.

He is also a member of the Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN), an interconnected and interdisciplinary network of young people from every region of the world, who share a common goal: to prevent and halt the loss of biodiversity.

Richard is currently the creative director of Acute Formula, an audacious gathering of fine artists, writers and designers whose experience and expertise have served at the highest level of creative productions, and contributed to the success of many projects.

HE can be found on Instagram as @simple_dartist