Losu Godfidence

Losu Godfidence Creative Director/CEO of Godfidence Cine_Camp

Director Losu Confidence, also known as Godfidence, grew up in Battor Dugame in the capital of the North Tongu District. At age 18, He moved to Accra to continue his education and successfully directed 4 films for public viewing: “HEAVEN’S AMEN”, “FATE”, “ZOLI”, and “PREMONITION”.  After working as an actor/crew member on several shorts in school, “WAR FROM THE ARCHIVES ” will be his directorial debut.

Confidence is best known for his themes of murder, Dark, and psychological torment. His meticulous and perfectionist approach to filmmaking makes his work extremely detailed and immersive. His dialogues and colours in his films are thought-provoking.

His love for the craft gives him the ability to advocate for helping and coaching upcoming actors.  For over ten years of writing, producing, and directing he has also worked with both local and international coaches, actors and executive producers.

Today, Confidence Losu is a successful film director, producer, and writer and owns a fast-rising post-production house in Tema. (Godfidence Cine Camp) GODFIDENCE CINE CAMP
collaborates with companies of all sizes, around the world, to produce engaging and creative audiovisual components for their audiences, to build brand awareness, and to cause a positive effect.

He is the CEO of Godfidence Cine Camp and has over 100 active filmmakers who are passionate about their craft but cannot afford film school. Confidence is using his experience to equip and prepare them for tomorrow filmmakers. His overall motive is to change the African narrative.