Grace Norman

Grace Norman Producer - MiclnGrace Studios

Producer of MiclnGrace Studios. Her diverse and extraordinary skills come from her determination to Dream Big!
Her journey began in South Africa as an Equity Trader for the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as one of the very few young women of colour to participate in the financial industry, that wasn’t enough for this young lady. She quickly started her own business in the property industry and not only did she begin her quest to her destiny but also participated in the drafting of the first of its kind Property charter that regulated people of colour in South Africa to be involved in the industry. She was headhunted to be part of the Ownership and Control of this initiative. While pursuing her dreams, she was asked to join the (BUSA) Business Unity South Africa and led a team of young entrepreneurs in the small business forum that discussed and changed regulations for import and export in Southern Africa.

When she met her partner, she diverted all her interest and vast knowledge that she accumulated along the years in being one of the great film producers who received numerous International Awards for her work.

Grace Norman brings to her position a well-established background in financial information, location scouting and great innovative stories
that need to be shown to the world. Her skills put together make her a phenomenal film producer.