Esi Yamoah

Esi Yamoah Creative Producer & Founder of Yamoah Entertainment

Esi Yamoah is an African Academy nominee and award-winning international producer. She is a 1st generation Ghanaian American that moved to Accra, Ghana to begin her professional career in the film and television industry in 2014. Working her way up from an assistant editor on the Ghanaian action film,“Interception” to producing her first professional short film, “Yaa”, which has been screened in film festivals across the world, Esi continued to master her skills in storytelling. Crossing the African borders, Esi was selected to participate in the highly competitive Haile Gerima workshop in Luxor, Egypt during the Luxor African film festival.

Esi continued to widen her knowledge by transitioning into the American film and television market. After working for well-known entities such as Tyler Perry, Jason Reitman and Director X, in the summer of 2018, Esi travelled back to Ghana to produce the feature film, “Gold Coast Lounge”. This afro-noir film, later on, grabbed several nominations including Best Motion pictures at the African Academy Movie Awards and several awards such as Best Motion Picture at the Ghana Movie Awards.

Esi is the Founder and CEO of Yamoah Entertainment where she strives to create authentic and impactful African content while connecting Africa and the African Diaspora together. This year Yamoah Entertainment released a production directory made for African entertainment. The directory was created to increase local, continental and international collaboration while stimulating economic growth.

Esi is currently in development on a few projects and is continuing to expand and develop herself as an entrepreneur and filmmaker.