Abu Iddris

Abu Iddris Cine-god Studios

Abubakar Iddrisu Moro, known as Abu Iddris “the cinegod”. In 2010 he enrolled in GHALLYWOOD FILM ACADEMY where he studied a short course relating to filmmaking which lasted 6 months. There, he graduated as the best directing-student for the first batch of trainees. He went ahead practising while lecturing the third batch of trainees at GHALLYWOOD. At this point, he had shot two student feature films; “WHO’S NEXT?” and “A WEEK LATE.”

In 2012 he got a job with Sparrow Productions to learn and work as the ASSISTANT DIRECTOR to SHIRLEY FRIMPONG MANSO.

He collaborated on a few productions with other companies and a few jobs for two years. His love for challenge and growth pushed him to try genres not often attempted from this side of the world.
Works and genres include

*CASPERS ENERGY – a paranormal
written, directed, edited, colour corrected with some visual effects done by Abu Iddris.

*HEAVEN – a psychological thriller
written, directed, edited with most visual effects and cinematography done by Abu iddris.

written, directed and edited by Abu Iddris.

QUESTIONS – Africa’s first vampire series.
Written, directed, edited, make up and viusal effects all done by Abu Iddris. (This was his first personal produced series)

BREACHED – Intense Drama
Directed by Abu iddris

HEAVEN CAN WAIT – Drama/Comedy
Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by Abu Iddris. (This was his first film he produced).